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Burning Questions Answered Here:

What steel targets can I shoot?

PVR follows the steel target requirements of Pistol New Zealand and PRS International. For 22lr and pistol, minimum range is 7m, recommended minimum is 10m (these targets are multicolor).  For all rifle calibers minimum range is 100m (White targets only).

Calibers with velocities greater than 2500fps (its on the box) can only shoot the steel targets greater than 200m to avoid damaging the targets.  All targets from 200m+ have a maximum velocity of 3200fps and max caliber of .30/7.62

Penalty for damaging targets when not following these guidelines is $500 or a lifetime BAN.  If you have a larger or faster caliber you would like to shoot then get in contact and we can arrange specific targets.

What range should I sight my rifle in at?


Our recommendation (take with a grain of salt); If you intend to compete then 100m, if its for hunting then: 22lr - 50m, everything else - 100m if you dial, 200m if you use holdovers.


What kind of training do the coaches have?

Anyone identified as a range safety officer has passed training and been certified by PNZ. But that doesn't mean we don't make mistakes, safety is everyone's responsibility and if you spot something unsafe then stop it/them and raise is with the nearest safety officer or range master.


Is hunting available?

Strictly by negotiation only, no opportunistic hunting (except for possums). We can host you for Goat hunting; Starting at $200 plus goat fees. 200/goat (no horns) and 300/goat (with horns). All reasonable attempts must be made to recover the meat by the shooter.


Why Australia PRS rules?

NZ currently does not have any standard for precision/practical rules and requirements. PRS is huge internationally and we expect PRS to become more popular in the coming years. If you want to know more check out:


What is Precision Rifle Series (PRS)

***edit*** we have found the Hornady app to be inconsistent - we recommend Strelok Pro, it is NZ$20 but it can store multiple profiles data.


PRS Explainer - Divisions, Categories & Classifications


PNZ IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation)

Currently PVRange practices A-cat IPSC (mini-rifle, shotgun, manual action) and we train for IPSC Pistol at Cable Bay Pistol Club


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