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Shooting lessons

PVR offers lessons to members of the public with the primary goal of improving firearms safety and enjoyment. We offer a range of courses that can cater to new hunters, experienced competitors and tourists looking to try out a new activity.

New shooters - we recommend you select our Level 1, All courses are tailored to your needs and we can offer these to all ages and skill levels. 


Got your FAL and gear? Start with either the Level 2 or Level 3, primarily time based, let us know your objectives and we will help you solve them. 
If you don't already have a setup flick us a message through the chat box and we are happy to help you decide on gear - we might even have something similar you can try out. 

Our Level 1 and Level 4 Courses are recognised by the New Zealand Tourism Qualmark Program. You do NOT require a NZ firearms licence for these experiences as you will be under direct supervision by one of our qualified Range Officers. 

Our Lessons are designed to teach the community about firearms safety and practicality to a degree far greater than what is offered for free from NZ police. These courses are designed to be an experience, and participants will leave with only photos and hopefully a passion for the sport.


You will NOT be allowed to leave with live ammunition or firearms (excluding those that attend the range with a current NZ firearms licence).

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Become part of the Sport


Just giving it a go

PVR School Sponsors

Having Gear on the Range that everyone can try out gives new and existing shooters a chance to try out the latest and greatest gear, it might even sway a potential customer towards your product if they like it. 
We accept gear from most retailers, it changes throughout the year, but you will only see it here if we truly love the product and purpose. 

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