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Level 2 - Introduction to Long Range

2 hours - Tailored to your needs 200m max. over summer

  • 2 hr
  • 140 New Zealand dollars
  • Range 1,2,3,4

Service Description

This is aimed at shooters that already have a licence and want to learn more than the basic 7 safety rules. Tailored to your needs: from shooting fundamentals to getting confident for those hunting shots at 200m and beyond or just want help getting your rifle zeroed before your next hunt. Our Lessons are primarily based on time, the level 2 is 2 hours - ideal for one rifle set up and zero lightly touching on the fundamentals of long range shooting. Our Level 3 is 5 hours - ideal to learn everything you need to know to understand WHY and you ideally will leave with enough knowledge to help your mates get set up too. Let us know your objectives and we can help you achieve them eg; - Setting up a rifle and scope for you. - Tricks for zeroing fast and cost effectively on ammo. - Zero to 200m (Recommended Zero's; 50m for Rimfire, 100m for centrefire's with Turret scopes, 200m for dumb scopes, or Max Point Blank Range) . - Crash course in speed milling or MOA data. - mobile app set up (we like Strelok Pro and Element Ballistics - free). - positional shooting away from the bench. - tripod shooting. LVL3 only; - How and WHY we set up scopes the way we do. - 200m to 725m. - How to True your Data with math and mobile apps (~4fps accuracy vs the +/- 1% you get from chronographs ~26fps). - Full Speed Milling course or for the MOA diehards; how to understand MOA and develop and test DOPE. BYO equipment, we can provide equipment from $30, message us in the chat box for more details. “It was really good, learnt quite a few new things that will definitely help me in the bush, especially for the long shots when I don’t have a rangefinder. “ TC

Cancellation Policy

Lessons: Cancellation with 48hours notice are okay, with less than 48hours notice a 50% refund is available on request unless rescheduling. Members: If you need to cancel your session, please message us via the chat or discord so we know you're not coming. Events: Usually 2 weeks, not transferable unless the transferee is next on the waitlist. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Targets reminder: Almost all 100m+ targets are rated for 30cal 3200fps MV (usually painted white), the multicoloured targets are for 22lr and subsonic centrefire (eg. 9mm and 300BO). High Impact Targets (338/50): on request only, these are hard on targets, donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact Details

  • 158A Lower Flowers Road, Whangamoa 7071, New Zealand

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