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Pest Management Safety Coordination

PVRange manages the safety deconfliction for 4 properties, to shoot on any you MUST be registered!

  • 1 hour
  • Pest Management (4 properties)

Service Description

Further Details, Maps etc. are provided in the Range Officer Safety Brief and Forestry Permit. Once you have completed these then you can 'sign-in' to the property using this booking form, which prevents the Shooting range from being booked into and by Lowering the Range 1 safety flag no one else will be shooting. PVRanges operating hours are usually 8am-7pm Monday - Saturday - Pest Management on adjoining properties usually happens outside of these hours but can concur within these hours for members. Suppressors are not required but if within 200m of a dwelling, consider one. Shooting in the dark is permitted and the use of thermals and night vision is encouraged as this is all private property, although if you Access the DOC property from our boundary then you will need to follow their permit requirements. All firearms are expected to be in safe-working orders, if at any time you need to confirm zero/data/adhoc sight-in then the targets around PVRange can be used when the angles meet the FSA requirements noted in the Range Safety Brief. Confirm your device has access to the wifi, take the range handheld radio with you. All animals shot must be recorded for PVRetreat's Pest Management records - please send them through the discord chat. Current Bounties; Stoat: $40 (with location) Feral Cat: $20 (with location) Possum: $2 recovered, or $6 for recovered and plucked. Bonus points for; Rats, feral dogs (know which are not first) and hedgehogs. Take what you'll eat only. Pig: Food only (theyre cleaning up the carcasses until the end of winter) Goat: Leave the White and Tan ones and "rosie" Rabbit: Numbers are low - currently managing for food only. Possum plucking: yes, we pay higher than the standard rate but that's to encourage you to help save our native birds, we only take possums from our properties or the adjoining DOC block, please keep the fur dry, out of the dirt, and not bloody (aka not your standard tactics to get it to weigh more). We don't care about weight only that its clean and 15mm or longer as we will be getting it processed locally.

Cancellation Policy

Lessons: Cancellation with 48hours notice are okay, with less than 48hours notice a 50% refund is available on request unless rescheduling. Members: If you need to cancel your session, please message us via the chat or discord so we know you're not coming. Events: Usually 2 weeks, not transferable unless the transferee is next on the waitlist. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Targets reminder: Almost all 100m+ targets are rated for 30cal 3200fps MV (usually painted white), the multicoloured targets are for 22lr and subsonic centrefire (eg. 9mm and 300BO). High Impact Targets (338/50): on request only, these are hard on targets, donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact Details

  • 158C Lower Flowers Rd, Whangamoa, New Zealand

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