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Environmental Sustainability



We’ve been working on some exciting developments lately - Weed removal, planting of native trees possum and rat trapping, and feral goat removal. We are proud to partner with Ethically Conscious small businesses around NZ making beautiful, sustainable and earth friendly products with very minimal or no use of plastics. 

We love supporting local Nelson and NZ businesses that operate in a way that aligns with our personal beliefs.



The range was once a paddock but in 2002 the hill side was planted with radiata pines and the land left to become overgrown with weeds. The range was completely engrossed by 6-7ft high blackberry, gorse and hawthorn. it had been a painstaking task but we are slowly removing it all and in the spots not used for shooting we are planting native trees with assistance from Nelson City Council. One of our long term goals is to remove the wildling pines up the valley of range one, let us know if you would like to help.



The range had a feral goat population of approx 40 in the Valley of range one. Their population is being managed by annual group culls and individual paid culls - in both circumstances the goats must be removed from the property and the meat not wasted. 
Possums -  are free for all! We love our native birds and unfortunately so do the possums so if those little bastards are down range and it is safe to do so - unalive it. If you would like to get involved in a possum cull or learn to trap and recover fur we are happy to help.

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