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Other Services

We can also assist in the following areas; 

  • Chrono graphing ammunition

  • Teaching you how to reload ammunition

  • Custom load development

  • Learn to Hunt

  • All kinds of firearm instruction 

  • Work functions

  • Sighting in rifles

  • Cleaning firearms

  • Storing Firearms (endorsements available A,B,C)

  • Thermal Scope setup

  • Night Vision Scope setup

  • Offsite pest removal 

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Peak View Range

Rifle Range, Club and Services. 

All bookings are done through this site. Please don't text me to ask if its available, have a look in the book online tab and once you're a member you can book direct with the mobile app.

Peak View Range is OPEN. The range is available to be used under Range Safety Officer supervision in accordance the Arm's Act 2020. Available disciplines are; long range rifle shooting (Steel from 100m-1km), small bore (22lr) plinking, IPSC mini-rifle, and down the track we will be investing in sporting clay launchers and getting Pistol Certification for members of Cable Bay Pistol Club.

Please sign up on the website, you can then book one off range use, instruction, or a range membership (the best value). 

Currently we have centrefire targets set up at 100m, 200m, 330m, 520m, 750m and 1km with more to come soon. 

If you just want to come out for a look and not shoot, please use the contact us form, or if you have a 22lr then try out the Saturday afternoon shoot. 

PS. if you're after shotgun shooting please see our friends at Cable Bay Shooting Adventures - Target Shooting Nelson - Home

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